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Continental @ ITS World Congress 2021

Visit us at the ITS World Congress 2021

Smart and autonomous. Driving the future of mobility for 150 years.

  • As traffic density and transportation keep growing in urban areas and beyond, solutions for more efficiency, sustainability and safety are becoming paramount for the future of mobility. 
  • Smart and autonomous mobility solutions save lives and increase sustainability, efficiency and the quality of live for everyone. 
  • At Continental we have 150 years of experience in mobility technology. We stand for driving safety and we are pioneers in vehicle electronics, connectivity and software. Based on this broad and deep expertise we deliver solutions and services for smart and autonomous mobility.  
  • Our goal is to unleash the full potential of smart mobility solutions for everyone’s benefit. The ITS World Congress offers an ideal platform to foster the dialogue between industries, governments and the public sector for this purpose. The congress acts as an incubator for innovation, brings ideas on the road and turns them into successful projects.  
  • Continental is demonstrating its innovations as well as its broad portfolio of solutions and services along 6 exhibition streams at the ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg.

Continental Exhibition Streams on ITS World Congress

Enabling Technologies for Smart Mobility

  • Our digital access solutions turn smartphones into vehicle keys. They support various forms of mobility, such as car sharing, rentals, commercial fleet operators or vehicle manufacturers directly.
  • With the low latency cloud communication solution, we make traffic smarter and safer in real-time – independent from the mobile network operator. 

Smart City Mobility

  • We support cities in managing traffic more efficiently: Our Transport Information Platform allows cities to create traffic information from probes (e.g. moving vehicles) and other sources of data. This traffic information enables better traffic control, management and advisory, route guidance or urban planning.
  • With our intelligent intersection and our connectivity solutions to protect vulnerable road users such as cyclists or pedestrians, we provide the means to make city traffic safer and more efficient.
  • Our digital services platform provides the backbone for multimodal and future autonomous mobility. Regardless of vehicle type: We make operators ready to manage their fleet with just one platform. 
  • With this, we are not just looking at the future: By enabling the ShareCar hourly car rental service in Indonesia with our all-in-one solution for users and operators, we already contribute to a better mobility today.

Fleet Management Services

  • Mandatory connected devices installed in trucks (e.g. digital tachographs) enable new opportunities. With several brands and the related portfolio (VDO, Zonar, Continental Tires), Continental offers a wide selection of fleet management services adapted to the needs of different countries and fleet operators.
  • We combine our tire expertise with digital solutions to make your tire safer, durable and efficient. With ContiPressureCheckTM and ContiConnectTM , we offer digital tire monitoring for single vehicles and fleets.

Confined Area Mobility

  • From the protection of vulnerable road users in urban rail traffic scenarios via sensors for various vehicle types operating in restricted mobility areas up to our solution for efficient management of port mobility in Singapore: We provide tailor made solutions, supporting the rising need and specific requirements of mobility in confined areas. 

Autonomous Mobility

  • On demand Shuttle service/ NPM/ Seamless AD
  • With Automated Valet Parking (AVP) & ​Infrastructure Orchestrated Maneuvering (IOM), Continental provides complete, customizable solutions for various requirements and customer groups

Robots for Autonomous Transport

  • We’re out to change the world of intralogistics by making it autonomous, more flexible and more efficient. We used our automotive expertise and our automotive grade components and turned our Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) into a highly reliable and autonomous flexible partner with both heavy duty and compact design. While navigating autonomously in the plant, the AMR IL 1200 provides 360° perception. With its integrated lift-function, it can lift up and carry weights up to 1,2 tons.
  • Within the city, our delivery robot Corriere can navigate on sidewalks, drive into public lobbies or directly to the front door of an apartment or house. The robots can operate 24/7, ensuring that delivery takes place when the customer is at home.
  • Our Contadino robot is a modular agricultural implement carrier which can be used for different light duty tasks such as seeding, weeding, spraying, fertilizing and monitoring. For these different purposes the robot can be equipped with different implements.
  • Both robots, Corriere and Contadino, are operated via MAFCOM (Multi Agent Fleet Coordination Manager), our Next Generation Fleet Management Platform for operating Autonomous vehicles.

Please mind, that access to the congress is based on "2G" (vaccinated or recovered)! 

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