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"AI and Science Friction"

Using AI To Predict Upcoming Road Conditions

eBook by Continental

The eBook focuses on the prediction of road conditions from a technological and use case perspective. It expands on available data sources and analyzes how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning turns this data into new solutions. Besides, several use cases enabled by predictive road condition information for ADAS, Powertrain, and Chassis functions are presented.

Outline of the eBook

  1. Why Predictive Road Condition Information Is Essential
  2. Why Data Is the First Step in Solving the Problem
  3. How Machine Learning Helps to Predict Upcoming Road Conditions
    • Background: What is AI and Machine Learning?
    • Machine Learning vs. Traditional Programs
  4. Use Cases: Continental’s Road Surface Condition and Road Friction Services
  5. How Accurate are AI-Based Predictions?
  6. What (Future) Use Cases can be Enabled?