The Future of Commercial Vehicle Tolling

Benefits of distributed On-Board Equipment for EU-wide Tolling

Whitepaper by Continental

The Whitepaper discusses the question how new technologies and a new E/E architecture open up the opportunity to distribute the functional elements of On-board Units (OBU), most commonly used for connecting commercial vehicles with a tolling infrastructure, to existing vehicle hardware. The author suggests developing a distributed, hardware-independent On-Board Equipment (OBE) solution offering cost benefits, shorter innovation cycles, increased data quality, and which can be used to create new business models by EETS providers.

Outline of the Whitepaper

  1. Basics of Electronic Tolling – and Pain Points
  2. Windshield OBUs – Pros and Cons
  3. Rationale and Benefits of a Distributed OBE
  • Future-safe and expandable Solution
  • Increased Quality and simpler logistics
  • Cost down
  • Increased Security
  • Value-Added Services
  1. Next Steps for Policymakers and Industry

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