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Continental's Key as a Service (KaaS) is a secure and cloud-based key management solution that offers a seamless user experience for vehicle access, start authorisation and vehicle data collection.

Mobility customers (rental, carsharing, subscription companies, fleets) can build their own user journey by integrating the KaaS APIs and mobile SDKs and provide exceptional user experience, manage fleets without physical keys, increase vehicle utilization, improve customer brand loyalty. 

Continental is a market leader in Access systems and Digital Key Management. We develop mature services with expertise to running cloud-managed services 24/7 worldwide.

Key as a Service at a glance


Cost-effective Fleet Business

Easily manage the a vehicle fleet of any size with digital keys and increase vehicle utiliszation.
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Easy Access

Seamless and keyless acces via smartphone or NFC
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Customized user journey

Bring the your customer and brand experience to a next level
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Easy Installation

Simple, non-intrusive installation in only 20 minutes
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Holistic security concept

High security standard through asymmetric encryption used by banks
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Connection Security

Reliability through short loop communication, which even works without a network connection
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Vehicle Agnostic Solution

Works seamlessly across different OEMs, models and years - also with EV and Hybrid technology
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24/7 support

response times of less than 10 minutes and on-site support
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Global coverage

Worldwide network of Continental and Partners

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Global Player

With over 150 years of experience, we are proud to represent the forefront of the industry. From traditional physical keys to the latest cloud keys, Continental has been constantly evolving. 
We are responsible for an impressive 40% of all keys produced worldwide. 
Thanks to our global locations, we offer you first-class 24/7 support.

40 % of all key fobs

are produced by Continental (This represents about 40 million key fobs per year)

250,000+ vehicles

were connected to Continentals KeyCore2 in 2023

Since 2014

Continental work on digital keys

17 million virtual keys

were created – one every two seconds

Exceptional user experience

As a mobility service provider, you simplify the user experience to the maximum with Key as a Service. The digital keys not only reduce waiting times for your customers and maximise comfort, but they also ensure a safe and smooth handover.

Making sense of telematics data

With the telematics data provided by Key as a Service, vehicle deployment and maintenance can be optimally planned without incurring losses. This enables rental-car providers, for example, to significantly increase their capacity utilisation.

Wide open business potential

The Key as a Service platform can support any use case that requires one to provide temporary on-demand access to a vehicle through a smartphone application, a smart watch or an NFC badge.

Carsharing, vehicle subscriprion, package delivery, fully digital short term rental experience, roadside assistance, on demande vehicle services… make your use case happen!

Trusted by many

As a a leading supplier of access control systems and a member of the core team of the Car Connectivity Consortium, we are working closely with the OEMs and contribute to the further development of interoperable standards with digital keys and the creation of a universal standard for the market.

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Keeping track of all data

With Key as a Service, you can keep an eye on the data of your vehicles at all times. Frequence of data collection is configurable from seconds to hours and can be activated according to customer's use cases.

Key as a Service provides location and vehicle's data such as, 12V battery level, ignition status, odometer, fuel level, tire pressure, state of charge, charging status, DTC. 

Key as a Service is compatible with fuel, electric and hybrid vehicles.

Real-time vehicle health monitoring

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DTCs & alerts

Never miss an alert or diagnostic trouble code of one of your vehicles.
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Battery level

Recognise at an early stage whether the battery needs to be replaced.
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Engine speed

Monitor the rotationel speed of the vehicles engine
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Vehicle speed

Keep track of the individual vehicle speed of your fleet
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Fuel/Battery level

Make sure that the vehicles have enough fuel or range.
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Engine status

Always be able to check on the engine status
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Coolant temperature

Measure the temperature of the coolant / antifreeze mix in the cooling system
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Tyre pressure

The right tiyre pressure is important tofor driveing efficiently.
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Keep track of the mileage to compare the mileage of your vehicles

Technology in focus

KaaS is an existing off-the-shelf product. The non intrusive ACCM hardware will easily be plugged into the car witout modifications, hacks or changes to the car's existing architecture. The KeyCore2 backend hosts the KaaS virtual key management service, vehicle data, management of ACCM device and vehicle registration. Customer will integrate KaaS API and Mobile SDK in their solution and will be able securely to create virtual keys and collect vehicle data 24/7 on demand according to their end users and fleet management needs. 


The ACCM hardware is a plug and play 4G device suitable for thermal, hybrid and electric vehicles. The device enables the virtual locking, unlocking, starting of a vehicle. In addition,the device provides accurate vehicle data including Level 1, Level 2 and CAN that may be avaialable through the OBD port of the vehicle. The device is also equipped with a GPS chip that can accurately monitor the location of the vehicle. Other components like accelerometer and gyroscope provide added value features like driving behavior. ACCM can be updated over the air thanks to the included SIM card. ACCM is designed to draw the lowest energy as possible thanks to the different modes available (sleep, ready, charging, started, driving). Once a virtual key is available on the smartphone or smart watch of the end user, the access to the vehicle and start authorization is done through bluetooth low energy. No network connection is needed. As alternative, an optional NFC reader may be used for access and start authorization. 

We look forward to tell you more about Key as a Service and how it will support your Business.

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