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Key as a Service

An easy, secure virtual key for car sharing

Key as a Service for car sharing

Key as a Service (KaaS) aftermarket solution is a secure, retro-fitable virtual key and telematics solution that offers a seamless user experience for vehicle access, start authorization and accurate car data. No modifications, no hacks and no changes to the car’s existing circuitry. KaaS enables car sharing companies to manage their fleet without physical keys, which helps to increase vehicle utilization.

For which car sharing models is KaaS suitable?

  • Personal Car Sharing inc. Permissions
  • Station based
  • Free floating
  • One way rental
  • Peer to Peer
  • Pro drivers / Corporate fleets

Whether peer-to-peer, station-based or free-float car sharing models. All are easy to implement with Key as a Service - Operators, Hosts and Customers all benefit from a frictionless, secure virtual key transfer thereby increasing vehicle utilization, translating to more profits. Improve the brand loyalty and simplify your customers journey by reducing wait time. Want to optimize your costs? Overhead costs associated with personnel are minimized and vehicle maintenance can be automatically scheduled based on the vehicle data available through Key as a Service.





  • Manage users
  • Group users (jockey, maintenance…)
  • Configure rules by group (expect of payment, rights)
  • Driver behavior


  • Manage vehicles
  • Fleet view inc. Location, data, state…
  • Manage vehicles status (booked, available, out of service…)
  • Remote vehicle control (Access and Auth. To drive, tracking…)
  • Damages historic and status
  • Manage service area locations
  • Vehicle timeline (reservations, status, maintenances,…)


  • Manage reservations
  • Update and extend reservations

Maintenance Services

  • Tires service
  • Car inspection service
  • breakdown repairs, towing services






Analytics (big data)

  • View most vehicle check-in and check-out location
  • Predict service grows and needs
  • Vehicle usage over reservation (distance traveled, duration)
  • Custom analytics builder

Reporting (day, month, year)

  • Vehicle data reporting (Inc. But not limitated to odometer, fuel, battery, engine and doors state, …)
  • Number of new users registered and new users with a validated profile report
  • Number of reservations
  • Revenu
  • Custom reporting builder


  • Unwanted vehicle usage alert
  • Low battery warning
  • Custom notification builder


  • Easy, fast, non-intrusive installation using the cars native access and immobilization systems (supporting RKE, IMMO, and PASE).
  • Access to vehicle data (fuel/battery level, odometer, ignition status, lock status, panic, tire pressure, transmission status, actionable DTCs & alerts, and more) via our webportal or APIs.
  • Vehicle location via GPS chip on hardware 
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and cellular communication.
    Secure backend via the (TLS 1.2 and encrypted communications).

We help you provide your customers with a smooth and easy car sharing experience. How we do that ? See the customer journey below:

Why Continental?

  • Non-intrusive installation and deinstallation of hardware
  • The KaaS platform can seamlessly support any number of car sharing modules 
  • Always connected via Blootooth, so users are never locked out of the car. (Backup option NCF reader)
  • Future-proof platform with the ability to support Ultra Wide Band 
  • Easy SDK integration into the carsharing app and single secure API connection to the KaaS backend  
  • Proven technology homologated and deployed in multiple regions worldwide, generating 25k keys daily


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