eHorizon – Intelligent Speed Assistance for Safer Driving

Fusing Cameras, Connected Maps and Electronic Horizon

eBook by Continental, Elektrobit and HERE Technologies

Continental’s eHorizon increases safety and supports to fulfill the legal requirements of the General Safety Regulation regarding the Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) function by providing drivers always with fresh and accurate information about speed limits.

Key challenges regarding the Intelligent Speed Assistance function

  • With the EU General Safety Regulation new vehicle types must be equipped with an ISA function by end of 2022 and all vehicles by 2024
  • A system performance of more than 90% is required
  • Systems relying solely on an onboard camera face several technical challenges and are not able to deliver correct speed limit values under various traffic and environmental situations

Fusing cameras, connected maps and eHorizon as solution

  • Complementing the system with additional map information helps to fulfill the 90% performance requirement for the ISA function
  • With our eHorizon Maps on Demand service, we provide always fresh and accurate map information including speed limits without the need of an embedded map and additional hardware

Key advantages of our end-to-end Maps on Demand solution for ISA:

  • Improves the reliability of the function by providing context and/or redundancy of speed limit with map data
  • Improves the availability of information where no explicit speed sign is present, or the camera is not able to detect it
  • Increases the acceptance for the drivers by increasing the availability and the reliability of the ISA function and automatic map updates without manual actions of the driver

Read more about the Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) function in our whitepaper and how we, together with our partners HERE and Elektrobit, provide an end-to-end solution to enhance safety and fulfill the requirements.

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