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Key as a Service

An easy, secure virtual key for car sharing

Key as a Service for car sharing

Share cars. Not keys! OTA Keys was the pioneer in cloud-based access and telemetry for carsharing and MaaS operators. It was founded in 2014 as a joint venture between Continental and D'leteren and is now part of Continental Automotive’ s Key as a Service (KaaS).

Key as a Service (KaaS) aftermarket solution enables car sharing companies to manage their fleets without physical keys, which helps increase utilization of vehicles, and reduce friction during the rental pickup and return process.

KaaS aftermarket solution is a secure, retrofittable virtual key and telematics solution that offers a seamless user experience for vehicle access, start authorization and accurate car data. Once the telematics hardware is installed, Carsharing and MaaS operators can easily integrate the KaaS SDK into their carsharing app and enable a single secure API connection from their platform to the KaaS backend.

It works across multiple OEMs and provides a reliable, user friendly, uniform customer experience. The hardware solution is homologated and deployed in multiple regions worldwide.

Key as a Service has helped many carsharing and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) providers scale their operations. The KaaS platform can support multiple carsharing models.

  • Station based
  • Free floating
  • Peer to Peer
  • One-way rentals

We help you provide your customers with a smooth and easy car sharing experience. How we do that ? See the customer journey below:

KaaS provides several important benefits to carsharing and MaaS operators.

  • Operators, hosts and end users (customers) all benefit from a frictionless, secure virtual key transfer that helps increase vehicle utilization, translating to more profits.
  • Operators also improve user experience by eliminating wait times for physical key transactions, thereby enhancing their brand.
  • Operators can reduce operational overhead costs associated with personnel training and manned kiosks, both of which can be eliminated with KaaS.
  • Finally, with KaaS, vehicle maintenance can be automatically scheduled based on the vehicle data that is available on the platform.

KaaS Key Features for carsharing customers

  • Always Connected: Bluetooth ensures that communication between the app and the KaaS hardware device in the car is available even without cellular connection. Cellular backup and optional NFC reader also available.
  • Easy, Non-intrusive Installation: Does not involve tampering with OEM wiring or connections.
  • Ease Of Onboarding Vehicles: Simple 3 step process to add vehicle, provision keys and install HW (~15 min).
  • Vehicle Agnostic Solution: The KaaS hardware options for carsharing (ACCM and ACCM+) provide Access coverage for almost 95% of the OEMs, models and years.
  • Vehicle Location: Monitoring vehicle location via GPS reporting from KaaS hardware and setting up geofences for automatic alerts when the vehicle violates the fencing rules can be easily accomplished.
  • Vehicle Data: Extensive and accurate vehicle data including Ignition status, Transmission status, Odometer, Fuel Level, State of charge (in case of EVs), Oil life, Tire Pressure (TPMS) and many more.
  • Use with Any Access System: Can be used with both push-to-start and bladed key access systems.


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