150 Years Continental

Agriculture Transformed – When Humans and Machines Work Hand-in-Hand

Continental has been developing products for agriculture for more than 80 years. When the first agricultural tractors with pneumatic tires rolled onto the fields in the mid-1920s, Continental was at the forefront. In addition to tractor tires, the company produced steep-angle conveyor belts. Even today, products and solutions for conveyor technology are an important part of the Continental portfolio. Harvesting an acre of wheat back then kept four men busy for around a week. 

These days, a modern combine harvester does the job in half an hour. Many run on tires from Continental and are equipped with toothed and V-belts as well as transfer belts from ContiTech. To make the work processes in the fields even more efficient and sustainable, Continental also develops intelligent solutions for smart farming – from drones through to robotic systems.

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